Johannes Gutenberg 600 years & 550 years of book-printing


"Platz der Buchkunst"

>Atelier It Plein 19 - Oosterlittens/Rotterdam<
hal 3.1 - stand 550a + 552


participating in the special event that was organized to commemorate


Three guest-participants at the fair organized their special

'two days printing event'

Das Museum Der Arbeit, Hamburg,

Correspondance Des Arts, Lodz,

Atelier It Plein 19 - Oosterlittens/Rotterdam


and celebration of 15 years of Atelier It Plein 19

Joop Visser, Nancy Knaap
en Jacob Baars
together with the Dutch poetess
Dorine Spoel and
German translater Monika Götze
made, in accordance to their nature,
a complete, new, bilingual

on the old presses available in the hall.

This took place on Saturday the 21st. and Sunday the 22nd. of October

Publication from forumbookart

Die Buchkunst unter einem Dach in Halle 3.1

Juwelen zeitgenössischer Buchkunst

zeigt eine Ausstellung, auf der Pressendrucke, Malerbücher, Künstlerbücher und Buchobjekte aus aller Welt vorgestellt werden.

Under one roof: Book art in Hall 3.1

Jewels of contemporary book art

an exhibition of

privat presses, artists' books and book objects from around the world.

Sous un toit, l'Art du Livre dans le hall 3.1

Joyaux du
Livre-contemporain d'Art

Une exposition qui montre des oeuvres imprimées traditionellement, des livres de peintres, des livres d'artistes et des livres-objets venant du monde entier.

Toda la gama en un unico lugar en la sala 3.1

Joyas del libro artístico contemporáneo

Aqui se muestra una exposición de impresos, libros de pintores y artistas y valiosos libros muy interesantes de alrededor de todo el mundo

Gutenbergs Erbe
Hier gibt es viel zu sehen: Handsatz, Maschinen in Aktion mit dem Geruch von frischer Druckerschwärze. So bekommen auch Nichtfachleute einen Eindruck davon, was es heisst, ein Buch, wie zum Gutenbergs Zeiten, von Hand herzustellen.

Papier, das man zum Drucken ganz besonderer Bücher braucht, kommt aus der Bütte. Hier wird gezeigt, wie man Papier für Bücher herstellt, die Jahrhunderte überdauern.

Gutenberg's inheritance
There is much to be seen: hand and machine type setting, casting tools and presses in action with the smell of fresh printing inks.
This to give you an idea of what it means to produce a book by hand, as it used to be done in Gutenberg's era.

Paper for proper books comes from the vat! Here we will show you how paper is made to last for centuries.

Atelier It Plein 19


and demonstrates its skills in a special publication that is to be made at the fair

L'heritage de Gutenberg
En attraction: outils de la typographie manuelle et mécanique, ceux nécessaires á la fonte du plomb, presse en action, le tout dans l'odeur de l'encre fraîche. Démonstration de la technique artisanale et ancestrale de l'impression du livre fait-main comme au temps de Gutenberg.

Un papier qu'on utilise pour imprimer certains livres précieux, c'est le papier à la cuve. Il y aura une démonstration de la fabrication de ce papier pouvant traverser les siècles.
La herencia de Gutenberg
Aqui Usted podrá presenciar una gran variedad de interesantes objetos: Tipografías de ajuste manual y mecánico, instrumentos de fundición e imprentas que esterán en funcionamiento todo el dia. El olor a tinta de imprenta y las imprentas en acción, acercarán también al publico neófito una primera impresión, de lo que significaba producir libros en tiempos de Gutenberg.
Un Papel proviene de la tina: en este lugar se monstrará, como producir papel para libros que sobreduran siglos.

Press Release from
Special presentation of contemporary book art at the 52nd. Frankfurt Book Fair,
18-23 October, 2000.
For the first time in its history, The Frankfurt Book Fair will this year provide a special forum for contemporary book art. Hall 3.1 will become 'Book Art Square', a place where the public will enjoy an in-dept view of the world of letterpress-printed works, painters'books, artists'books,and book-objects.

Along with Buch/Druck/Kunst Inc. in Hamburg (the Society for the Support of Contemporary Book Art), the fair will provide a generous platform for the presentation of contemporary book artwoks. Various aspects of this multi-faceted genre will be displayed through a variety of exhibits and demonstrations.

At Book Art Square, itself over 400 qm., you will find such exhibitions as:

'Jewels of Contemporary Book Art' - an exhibition of works from all over the world, spanning the wide spectrum of contemporary book art; from classic letterpress printing, painters' and artists'books and book objects, to the E-Book, the artistic re-interpretation of the vertual book.

'Book Art New Forum' - the second exhibition at Book Art Square, showing the latest work from the book art exhibitors in this hall. It provides an overview of offerings from nearly 75 presses and book artists from 14 different countries.

'One Hundred Words from the 20th Century' - showcasing ariginal examples of the ways in which book art can interpret text typographically.

Book art kies at the center of Gutenberg Year 2000. Displays will feature machine-set and handset type, the printing process of antique hand-presses, hand-made paper, and the original grafic technique of woodcutting. Printing museums from Germany and abroad will send specialists to demonstrate the use of typesetting tools and historical machines. Book printing museums will print their own book-fair newspaper on the spot, which will be offered hot off the original Heidelberg press to those present.

Wilfried Bohne and Tita do Rêgo Silva, both woodcut artists, will demonstrate different methods of color woodcut printing. Gangolf Ulbricht, a paper-maker from Berlin, will hand-make high-quality paper.

The 'Book Art Directory 3.1' will make visiting hall 3.1 easy, giving you brief descriptions of artists, their location in the hall, as well as their mailing adresses.

Other Highlights of Hall 3.1:

'Stiftung Buchkunst' presents two other exhibitions: 'International Book Art' and 'The Most Beautiful Books of Germany'

Poland, the fair's special guest country, will be featured in an exhibirion of artists'books, painters'books, and book objects.

The ARION Press of San Francisco will present what is possibly the last handset and book-press-produced Bible - a masterpiece of typography and handiwork - as a kind of keystone to an epoch.

A CD-ROM available from Bartkowiak forum book art will show the life's work of Johannes Gutenberg. The postcards, created by over 150 artists, which make up the 'Mail-Art-Action' homage to Gutenberg are also on display.