1st of April 2007 — 1st of April 2008

'the last bites'

This is part of a project that was started in 2002, and as such a tiny bit of a world wide april happening with the name 'Books2Eat'

"The Edible Book High/Low Tea was initiated by Judith A. Hoffberg over a Thanksgiving turkey with book artists in 1999, and became an international event through the artist Béatrice Coron Books2Eat website, for the first event in 2000. This annual event has become a sensation and is covered in radio and TV." Facebook


"I love my great writers" snail said, and together with all his little friends he feasted on them.

These books were for two years in old rabbit mulch under the leakage of the drainpipe of the shed in the garden of Atelier It Plein 19. ("They were not my favourite books": Joop Visser)

After that, in their chalky burial chambers, they had a few weeks in cleaning rains.

Still the pages could be separated when softly washed, and some pages were indeed 'headstrong'. By that I mean: the pages with the portraits had an extra layer of transparent printing ink, this is an old technique to make a page 'glossy' as we would call it now. This kept these pages in 'perfect' order.

Such techniques are related to the modern 'spot-UV' and the classic 'Indian Laid', 'Chine Collée' (also spelled Chine Collé) and need special knowledge, and experience when restaured.

Coming to think of it: the 'ginger-bread ABCDarium' (to be found on other pages of Books2Eat) would be 'glossed' by using egg-white.

the 1st of April 2008 uncovered from the mud: "THE LAST BITS":

When opened and whashed with rainwater we could still rescue this incredible picture:

only three days later:

These projects are a joint effort of all members of the board of the Book/Work/Research Foudation

Dit project wordt ondernomen als een gezamelijke activiteit van de bestuursleden van de Stichting Boek/Werk/Onderzoek